MusicianWas born on a sunny Australian Sunday afternoon (April 26, 1989). More commonly known as the singer/songwriter of the famous song "My Beautiful." Recently released one of his hit albums entitled "Seb's Greatest Hits" which went platinum across the globe within 2 months time. Seb also is known for composing and singing the graduation song for Ateneo HS batch '08, entitled "Salamat".

Family Sebastian, the son of both Genie Roces and Butch De Guzman, with siblings Marco, Martin, Sabrina and Javi. He is the middle child of the family and he always takes pride on his siblings.

Career Used to be in The Ateneo football team back in high school, he was always favored as the star player of the team. Legend has it that his kicks often send audiences back to their childhood days. Apart from his unique talent with his feet, his voice is very much well known as well. People say that he sounds like a siren when he opens his mouth and bellows out his wonderful voice.

Chicks Back in high school, Seb met a wonderful woman named Michelle Mendiola, whom he instantly fell in love with. "It was like falling into a bed of roses." he said in an interview once when we asked him about it. Till this day, he is still very much in love with this girl and they recently just celebrated their 5th year anniversary in September 11. Love really has no boundaries for this dashing young lad. After much troubles and relationship problems in the past, Seb always held on to the love of his life.